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Membership Info

Your membership helps maintain the Birchwood Area ATV and Snowmobile Trails.

All club members are eligible for a DNR Certified Snowmobile Safety Course in Birchwood, WI for only $10. At the Present time we have approximately 255 family and 61 business memberships.

You MUST have an AWSC trail pass to use any Wisconsin state snowmobile trail.

NOTICE: Snowmobile Trail Passes Are NOT Issued By The Bobcat Riders And Take 30 Days

To become a member of The Birchwood Bobcat Riders Click On One Of The Links Below To Go To The Application Form, From Which You Can Apply Online Or Click On The Print Out The Application Form, to be Mailed To Us.  Thank You For Applying To Become A Member!

Starting in 2020, we will no longer accept WATVA memberships as part of our Membership Renewals and for new members, Please visit the link to

If you are joining as a Business Member and would like to add an ad of your business on our trail maps, Please contact the Bobcat secretary at the number displayed on the Application Form.

The Birchwood Bobcat Riders encourage members to join the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) and the Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA). 

Visit their websites at




to learn more about the benefits available through membership in these organizations.

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