Local Trail Alerts 

Snowmobile trails are closed. ATV's and UTV's are aloud on the Tuscobia Trail and 9 Mile loop ONLY.

Upcoming Annual Open House: May 28th

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Free Lunch


  • May 31st: Birchwood Loop - Lunch @ Chit Chat Bar, Grill & Resort

  • June 21st: Radisson - Lunch 2 Get Hooked Bar & Grill

  • July 12th: Weyerhaeuser - Lunch @ Burdy's Sports Bar & Grill

  • July 17th: Birchwood Bluegill Festival Parade & Ride - We want a great showing for this! Ride Location after parade TBD

  • August 2nd: Birchwood Loop - Lunch @ Spider Lake Saloon

  • August 13th & 14th: Tentative overnight ride to Danbury - more details to come

  • August 23rd: Radisson - Lunch @ Helsing's Bar & Grill

  • September 13th: Shell Lake - Lunch @ Lakeside Bar & Grill

- Rides will happen regardless of weather

- These are family friendly rides at a leisurely pace

- Membership with club is NOT required to participate

-Would like to add one or two more Saturday rides - dates TBD

- All rides leave from Ed's Pit Stop @ 10:00 am

Lon Olson is the Group Ride Leader. Contact him if you have any questions  or ideas. 

Think Summer 

Think Winter 

Think Birchwood Bobcats

Trail Mapping App For Your Smart Phone, $2 For The App and $2 For Each Map You Download.


The Birchwood Bobcat Map Is FREE For Club Members, please request code from the Bobcat Secretary.

Past President Steve Bethke

April 20th, 2022

"This is a tribute and a great big THANK-YOU to the Birchwood Bobcat Riders outgoing President!! Steve Bethkem you have been an amazing president these last four years!! You have brought so many good ideas to promote and bring the club forward to where it stands today!

Your tremendous leadership skills have far exceeded what is in the job description of a great president!! I hope you can continue with the club and share your wise wisdom at our meetings and events in the future without all the stress of the presidency!! Our Hats are off to you!" - Gladys Roux 

"Congrats to the best father-in-law a girl could ask for on being elected

president of the Birchwood Bobcat Riders! You along with so many others do

an amazing job maintaining the area treats!" - Stacy Emerson

Thank you Steve Bethke for your dedication and hard work throughout the

years of your presidency! Congratulations to Greg Robotka on being

elected president  & Stacy Emerson for taking on the Co-Secretary position!


Current President Greg Robotka

Help Needed!

If you are a member and you are riding a trail to look for any damage on the trails, please write down the # of persons riding, date of the inspection, total ride time (not counting stops for food or drink) and please email us with this info. It not only helps keep our trails in the best shape possible but we also get credit for the time you have spent inspecting our trails. This only is for the Birchwood Bobcat trails.

Thank You For Your Help!

Riders Looking to Help!

Club Snowmobile Ride Survey

We are trying to determine if there is interest in an overnight club led snowmobile ride. Please take our survey if you are interested, thank you.

Our Annual Fundraiser Event for 2022 was held on Saturday, March 19th. It was a great turnout!

We are located on some of the best snow and ATV routes in Northwestern Wisconsin with over 25 miles of funded trails that we maintain. These trails are comprised of Public and Private lands, Please respect all lands that you use.  Remember, Private land can be removed from our trails!