2022 Birchwood Area Events

2022 Birchwood Bobcat Riders Events

2018 Birchwood Area Events From The Chamber of Commerce website.

Birchwood Bobcat Riders Open house: May 28th, 2022


Club Ride Schedule:

  • May 31st: Birchwood Loop - Lunch @ Chit Chat Bar, Grill & Resort

  • June 21st: Radisson - Lunch 2 Get Hooked Bar & Grill

  • July 12th: Weyerhaeuser - Lunch @ Burdy's Sports Bar & Grill

  • July 17th: Birchwood Bluegill Festival Parade & Ride - We want a great showing for this! Ride Location after parade TBD

  • August 2nd: Birchwood Loop - Lunch @ Spider Lake Saloon

  • August 13th & 14th: Tentative overnight ride to Danbury - more details to come

  • August 23rd: Radisson - Lunch @ Helsing's Bar & Grill

  • September 13th: Shell Lake - Lunch @ Lakeside Bar & Grill

- Rides will happen regardless of the weather

- These are family-friendly rides at a leisurely pace

- Membership with the club is NOT required to participate

-Would like to add one or two more Saturday rides - dates TBD

- All rides leave from Ed's Pit Stop @ 10:00 am

Lon Olson is the Group Ride Leader. Contact him if you have any questions  or ideas.